How to Permanently Delete Voice Memos from iPhone in iOS 12

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Voice Memos is one of the few apps in iOS 12 that was completely redesigned. And it’s not just a flashy new UI. There are a couple of awesome new features added behind the scenes. Other than the ability to change the audio format, you can even tell iOS to automatically delete voice memos after a set period of time.

Voice Memos now has the same system for permanently deleting recordings that Photos app does. When you delete a recording for Voice Memos, it isn’t actually deleted. It shows up in the Recently Deleted folder. If you’re the kind who mistakenly deletes old memos, this feature will be really helpful for you.

But for the rest of us, this is just an additional step. Thankfully, there’s a way to automatically delete Voice Memos that you’ve marked to be deleted.

How to Permanently Delete Voice Memos on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Swipe left on the Voice Memo and tap on the Delete button.

Step 2: Now the memo will end up in the Recently Deleted folder. So tap on it from the app’s home screen.

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Step 3: Now swipe left on the note again and tap on the Erase button. You have no permanently deleted Voice Memos.

Step 4: In case you want to recover a recording, tap on the Edit button from Recently Deleted view and select the recording. Then tap on Recover.

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That’s a bit tedious, right? So let’s automate this process.

How to Automatically Delete Voice Memos

This feature shows up as a setting item for Voice Memos. So we’ll have to go to the Settings app.

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Step 1: Open the Settings app and look for the Voice Memos option.

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Step 2: Tap on Clear Deleted.

Step 3: Here, you’ll see options like 7 Days, 30 Days, Never and Immediately. If you want your notes to be deleted permanently, always, tap on the Immediately option.

Step 4: The best option for most of us will be the 7 Days option. This way, you can go back and retrieve an old recording that you deleted by mistake.

Will iOS 12 Make You Switch to Voice Memos?

Now that Voice Memos app is redesigned and you can even choose the audio quality, is it enough to go back to it? Or will you keep using a third party voice recorder? Share with us in the comments below.