Apple is Surveying iMac Pro Owners to Find Out Why They Bought the Powerful Machine

The iMac Pro went up for sale before the end of 2017 in most of its configurable options, and now, months later, the company behind the powerful desktop machine is looking for feedback.

Apple has been sending out customer surveys to those who picked up the iMac Pro, with some of those questions shared on Twitter recently. Based on the information presented, it appears that Apple is trying to nail down just why owners out there in the wild decided to fork over their hard-earned cash for Apple’s most powerful all-in-one to date.

The survey includes a variety of options to choose from, asking owners if they opted for the iMac Pro because of its T2 chip inside, the 27-inch Retina display, the four Thunderbolt 3 ports, or even if they opted for the higher-priced machine just because of that Space Gray finish. As noted in the tweet just below, it’s a pretty easy way to give Apple some quick feedback on what prompted your purchase decision, if you did pick up the iMac Pro.

Apple isn’t a stranger to sending out surveys, especially when it comes to new, or new-ish, products. It’s possible that the company is trying to get a feel for just what customers were looking for in this professional-grade machine. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Apple will fine tune anything based on the feedback in future releases of the lineup, or in other professional equipment the company inevitably launches, but we can hope that Apple will also listen to whatever feedback they get and adjust accordingly — if it’s feasible for them, of course.

[via MacRumors; @afwaller]