Instagram Working on a Standalone Shopping App, IG Shopping

After IGTV, Instagram is now working on a dedicated shopping app which will presumably be called IG Shopping. The app will allow Instagram users to browse and directly order items from merchants they follow on the social network.

The app is still being developed so it is unclear when it will launch, if at all. Instagram is already heavily used by brands to promote their products and create awareness about it among users.

Instagram is working on a new standalone app dedicated to shopping, The Verge has learned. The app — which may be called IG Shopping — will let users browse collections of goods from merchants that they follow and purchase them directly within the app, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Apart from ads and sharing product information through their own profiles, brands also get celebrities to post about their products on the platform to garner consumer attention. By launching a companion shopping app, Instagram can make the process of ordering something that users like on the service easier whilst also giving its own revenue a boost.

Facebook could introduce more tools for brands for its IG Shopping platform thereby challenging e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Many brands and businesses already use plenty of tools and services to create their product portfolios for Instagram. By offering these tools natively, Instagram will make the process easier for them.

Our Take

Instagram is currently allowing brands and users to post product links in their stories which shows how much potential the company’s e-commerce app possibly has. IGTV may not have met with the response that Facebook hoped for but there’s a lot of potential for Instagram’s Shopping app to do well since the platform already brings in millions in revenues for brands and influencers.

Many Instagram influencers make use of the platform to sell their own merchandise. They can very well make use of Instagram’s own Shopping platform to promote and sell their merchandise if Instagram’s offering is easier and simpler to use.

Instagram’s foray into e-commerce is unlikely to worry Amazon, though services like Shopify should be worried.

[Via The Verge]