Tesla to Restock Its Wireless Smartphone Charger at a Discounted Price

Tesla wireless chargerAfter initially unveiling it last month and quickly pulling it down possibly due to overwhelming demand, Tesla is once again bringing back its wireless charger. This time around, the company has even lowered its price.

When it was initially listed, the Tesla wireless charger was listed for $65. However, Tesla has now reduced its price to $49 citing an improvement in its production capacity.

The Tesla wireless charger comes with a 6000mAh battery and its capable of wirelessly charging compatible devices at 5W. When charged via a wired connection, the charging speed increases to 7.5W. This is slower than other wireless chargers out there in the market, with the 6,000mAh battery capacity also being on the lower side. However, the highlight of the charger is its design which is similar to that of Apple’s. The charger will be available in black and white colors. It also comes with an integrated USB-C cable and USB-A port for charging purposes.

Tesla is also informing customers who had ordered the wireless charger before for $65 that they will get a $16 refund.

Until and unless you are a Tesla fan or sucker for products with minimalistic design, there’s little reason for you to buy the Tesla Wireless charger. There are plenty of other third-party chargers from the likes of Anker and RAVPower which offer faster wireless charging speeds and boast of a higher capacity battery as well.

Tesla Wireless Charger

[Via The Verge]