Top 12 Useful Siri Shortcuts Including Spotify Shortcut

iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts

The new Shortcuts app launched alongside iOS 12 is easily one of the highlights of Apple’s software offering this year. The app is a supercharged version of Workflow which Apple acquired last year.

We have already compiled a list of some cool things that you can do with Siri Shortcuts but today, we have something even better for you. In the video below, we have shown 12 incredibly useful Shortcuts you should be using on your iOS 12 device.

Below is a list of some of our own favorites Shortcuts as mentioned in the video.

1. Convert Burst Photos to GIF

A relatively simple shortcut which allows you to essentially convert a series of burst photos that you have taken into a GIF which you can then easily share with your friends or family.


2. Daytime for LIFX

If you use LIFX bulbs, you can use the Daytime shortcuts to simply toggle all of them on. You can even assign this — and all the other shortcuts in this list — to a Siri phrase which you can then trigger directly using the voice assistant.


3. Download YouTube Videos

You can use a Shortcut to download videos from YouTube for offline viewing even if you don’t have a premium YouTube account. You need to trigger this shortcut from the Share sheet menu.


4. Amazon Price History

You can quickly check the price history of a product on Amazon using this Shortcut. Like the YouTube video shortcut, this shortcut also needs to be used from the Share sheet menu.


5. Play Songs from Spotify

This is an incredibly useful Shortcut that will allow you to use Siri to play songs directly from Spotify. You can trigger the shortcut by saying “Play Spotify” and after you hear a beep, you can say any song or album that you’d like to listen to. This is a great workaround for getting Siri to play nice with a music streaming service other than Apple Music.

Spotify’s iOS app still has not been updated with Siri Shortcuts support so this shortcut is bound to improve even further once this happens.


What are some of your favorite Siri Shortcuts? Drop a comment and let us know!