Uber Will Remove Riders With Minimum Rating Under 4 From Its Platform

Uber has updated its Community Guidelines in New Zealand and Australia to announce a minimum ride star rating requirements. Uber encourages riders to rate drivers at the end of the trip and allows drivers to do the same. While it previously kept a rider’s rating hidden from them, it started allowing users to check their rating from within the app from last year.

Back then, there was no word from Uber on what would happen if a rider’s rating fell beyond a certain threshold. Now, the company is looking to ban riders from accessing its platform if their rating falls below 4 stars.

A rider’s rating in Uber is calculated based on their average rating over the last 500 rides. If they have not taken 500 rides then their star rating is calculated based on all the trips they have taken.

Uber will first inform riders that their rating has fallen too low and give them multiple notifications to increase it. If they fail to do so even after that then they will be removed from the platform. The company will also inform riders whose ratings are near 4.0 about the potential impact on their Uber account if their rating falls further.

The new updates will take effect on September 19 and will see riders who fall below a minimum average rating lose access to the Uber app, after several notifications have been provided.Riders will be able to reactivate their account only after they take a “short educational exercise.”

Riders can get a low rating from their Uber driver for rude behavior, drinking alcohol inside the car, damaging or dirtying the car, and more.

The new changes will come into effect from September 19 in Australia and New Zealand for Uber riders.

[Via Uber]