Watch the First iPhone XS Teardown Video; Confirms New Single L-Shaped, Smaller Capacity Battery

iPhone XS Teardown

Ahead of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max release tomorrow, the first teardown video of the smaller 5.8-inch handset has made its way to the internet. The video is in dutch but it is still viewable since it has captions.

The first set of iPhone teardown videos usually hit the internet on the launch day of the device. However, this time around, a complete disassembly video of the handset has made its way to the internet a day ahead of its release.

The iPhone XS comes with a watertight seal which makes it more difficult to remove the display than before. The watertight seal helps the iPhone XS in achieving its IP68 certification. The teardown also shows that Apple has switched to an single-packaged L-shaped battery for the iPhone XS.

For the iPhone X, the company had to use two different cells in an L-shape, but with the iPhone XS, it has switched to a single L-shaped battery. Despite the switch though, the iPhone XS comes with a slightly lower capacity battery (2,658mAh vs 2,716mAh) when compared to the iPhone X.

Apart from the above revelations, the teardown video is a relatively uninteresting one and shows the various screws and connectors that one will need to open to completely disassemble the iPhone XS.

The iPhone XS Max is also expected to have largely the same internal layout for its component except for a bigger battery thanks to its larger display.

Update: Apple continues to use a dual-cell L-shaped battery in the iPhone XS. The two cells are now just packed as one.

[Via FixjeiPhone]