Adobe is Bringing the Full Version of Photoshop CC to iPad in 2019

Adobe iPad Apps

It is finally happening. After releasing mobile and cut down version of Photoshop for iOS in the form of Photoshop Express, Sketch, and Mix, Adobe is finally getting around to releasing a full-fledged version of Photoshop for iPad. That happens next year though, with Adobe previewing Photoshop CC on the iPad for now.

This means that you will be able to edit full blown PSD files on your iPad Pro, apply the same effects and filters that you can on the desktop version of the app. With Cloud Sync, one can then continue working on the same PSD file on their desktop.

Adobe says Photoshop CC for iPad shares the same codebase as the desktop version which will ensure there’s no difference in terms of performance. This also means that any PSD file you edit on your PC can also be opened and manipulated on an iPad Pro. Adobe, however, has rethought the user experience for a modern touch device, with the app supporting natural touch gestures for an improved workflow experience.

With Photoshop on an iPad, designers and photographers no longer need to be tethered to their desktops. Instead, you can do real work that is powerful, quick, and transformative right on the iPad either as a companion to your desktop, or away. Plus, you can take advantage of the tactile-pencil-and-touch environment to work directly on the canvas using the world’s most powerful creative application, Photoshop.

For now, Adobe is only previewing Photoshop CC for iPad, with version 1.0 of the app scheduled to release in the future. And whenever the app releases, it will not have the same set of features as the desktop counterpart. Instead, Adobe will be adding them slowly with future updates. The company is doing this so as to ensure it is able to bring Photoshop CC for iPad to its customers as soon as possible.

[Via Adobe]