Apple Announces New Apple Pencil That Charges Wirelessly

The rumor mill had been relatively quiet about a potential successor to the original Apple Pencil, but that started to change recently as hints of a new stylus started to make the rounds.

In light of Apple announcing a brand new and upgraded iPad Pro, the company also announced a brand new Apple Pencil. There are some major improvements and changes made to the company’s new stylus.

The Apple Pencil 2 automatically pairs and starts charging wirelessly, thanks to the fact the new Apple Pencil connects magnetically to the side of the new iPad Pro. Tapping the display with the new Apple Pencil will automatically launch the Notes app. Just double-tapping the new Pencil will switch between modes (in Notes, this means inking and erasing quickly). In the new Adobe Photoshop for iPad Pro, we saw that double-tapping the side of the Apple Pencil will zoom in, and then zoom out, so use cases will change on a per-app basis.

The new Apple Pencil also has a flat side, which will make holding it even more comfortable. It also facilitates the wireless charging and magnetic connection to the side of the new iPad Pro models.

It’s also worth noting that this new Apple Pencil is only compatible with the two newest iPad Pro models. Apple is also still selling the original Apple Pencil for $99.

One additional detail: the new Apple Pencil is priced at $129.99, so a bit more expensive than what came before. You can order the new stylus right now if you are so inclined, and it goes on sale Wednesday, November 7. Right alongside those new iPad Pro models.