Apple Maps Transit Info Expands in Switzerland

Apple Maps transit expands in Switzerland

Apple continues to expand its transit data feature within Apple Maps, giving people all over the globe the ability to stay on top of public transit routes and availability.

That continues with the latest expansion. Apple Maps now offers transit information across Switzerland. The region is known for its well-established public transportation offerings, with an integrated system that covers the country. The government even offers an open API for services to tap into the routes and other information, which Apple appears to be taking advantage of.

Apple Maps Zurich Airport data

As a result, transit information within Apple Maps for Switzerland include all of the country’s trains, trams, boats, and buses. But that’s not all. Apple Maps is now showing in-depth indoor airport information for the Zurich Airport. That means the app should show where the public restrooms are, shops, passport checks, and security stations, plus much more.

Apple introduced transit data in Apple Maps back with the launch of iOS 9, and, since then, the company has been rolling out coverage support for new cities all across the globe. The expansion was going along quite nicely throughout 2017, but near the end of the year the updates slowed down. Apple is starting to pick up the pace in 2018, though.

That includes the most recent update, which brought public transport data to several different states in the United States.

[via MacRumors]