Disney and Beats By Dre Celebrate 90 Years of Mickey Mouse With New Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Beats by Dre and Disney celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary

If you are a fan of Mickey Mouse, and like to have the animated character emblazoned upon your belongings, then Beats by Dre and Disney have the perfect pair of headphones for you.

Announced on Tuesday, the brand new Solo3 Wireless headphones are meant to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Disney’s Mickey Mouse. The headphones are right in line with the standard variant of the Solo3 Wireless headphones, which means you’ll still get the W1 wireless chip from Apple inside, which makes switching between audio sources easier and promotes long-lasting battery life.

Along with the headphones, buying the new headphones also gets you a decal, a custom felt carrying case, and a pin. The Mickey Mouse headphones, which (thankfully/unfortunately, depending on where you stand on the matter) don’t have mouse ears on the top band, officially go on sale on November 11 from Apple directly, as well as Best Buy and Disney. If you want to secure your purchase right now, though, you can go ahead and preorder the new headphones from Amazon, through the source link at the bottom of this article.

These new Mickey Mouse headphones come hot on the heels of Apple launching its “Skyline Collection” of Studio3 Wireless headphones earlier today, so it’s been a pretty busy day for headphone news.

What do you think of these Mickey Mouse Solo3 Wireless headphones? Planning on picking up a pair when they go on sale for $329.95?

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