How to Jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 11.4 Beta 3 With Unc0ver Jailbreak

Jailbreak iOS 11 - iOS 11.3.1 (iOS 11.4 beta 3) with Unc0ver Jailbreak

Over the weekend, Pwn20wnd, a former member of the Electra Jailbreak team released UnC0ver Jailbreak tool, which he claims is the most advanced jailbreak tool for iOS 11 – iOS 11.4 beta 3. In this tutorial, we will provide step-by-step instructions to jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 11.3.1 (iOS 11.4 beta 3) using Unc0ver Jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Let’s dive in:

1. Unc0ver Jailbreak Compatibility & Support

Here are some important points to note before you can follow the instructions to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad:

  • Unc0ver jailbreak supports the following iOS 11 versions:
    • iOS 11, iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.2, iOS 11.2.1, iOS 11.2.5, iOS 11.2.6, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.3.1 and iOS 11.4 beta 3
  • It does not support the following iOS 11 versions:
    • iOS 11.4 public release, iOS 11.4.1
  • It supports all iOS 11 compatible iOS devices:
    • iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s
    • 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 2nd generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 1st generation 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad
    • 5th generation, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2
    • iPod touch 6G
  • Make sure that you take a complete backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using iTunes.
  • Ensure that your device has enough battery level for the jailbreak process to complete.
  • Uncover Jailbreak for iOS 11 – iOS 11.3.1 (iOS 11.4 beta 3) has just been released. We would recommend waiting for the initial issues to be resolved before trying it. However, if you want to take the risk you can follow the instructions below.

2. Download Unc0ver Jailbreak

Download the latest version of Unc0ver jailbreak IPA from Pwn20wnd’s Github page and Cydia Impactor from here on your Mac or PC. Cydia Impactor is available for macOS, Windows, Linux (32-bit and 64-bit).

3. Step-by-Step Guide to Jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 11.4 beta 3 Using Unc0ver Jailbreak

Follow these steps to jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 11.4 beta 3 and install Cydia using the new Unc0ver jailbreak on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

Step 1: Install/Sideload Unc0ver IPA using Cydia Impactor

Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer with the Lightning cable to sideload the Unc0ver IPA file.

Launch Cydia Impactor on your computer. It will detect your iOS device. Drag the Unc0ver jailbreak IPA file you had downloaded earlier on to its UI. Enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple Developer account when prompted, and wait for Cydia Impactor to sideload the signed app on your iOS device.

If you hit provision.cpp:168′ error while trying to sideload Unc0ver IPA, then check our post on how to fix ‘provision.cpp:168’ Errors While Using Cydia Impactor.

Step 2: Trust Developer Profile

Once Unc0ver jailbreak IPA is successfully sideloaded. Launch the Settings app, and navigate to Settings > General > Profile(s) & Device Management (in some iOS versions it may just be General > Device Management).

Tap on the entry with your Apple ID under Developer app, then tap on Trust. Tap on the Trust button. The status will change to Delete app.

Note: This step is not required if you’ve used an Apple Developer account.

Step 3: Enable Airplane Mode

It is recommended to enable Airplane mode before using Unc0ver Jailbreak. Access the Control Center, and tap on Airplane toggle to enable it.

Step 4: Disable Siri

It is recommended disabling Siri mode before using Unc0ver Jailbreak. Launch the Settings app and navigate to Siri and Search, and tap on Listen for “Hey Siri” amd Press Home button for Siri or Press Side Button for Siri toggle and tap Turn Off Siri.

Step 5: Reboot iOS device

After enabling Airplane mode and disabling Siri reboot your iOS device.

After your device has rebooted, ensure that Airplane mode is still enabled, and also ensure Wi-Fi is disabled if it hasn’t got disabled while enabling Airplane mode.

Step 6: Run Jailbreak Process

Launch the Unc0ver Jailbreak app from the Home screen, and tap the blue Jailbreak button to start the jailbreak process.

Unc0ver Jailbreak button

This will start the jailbreak process, and it should respring your iOS device.

Step 7: Wait for Jailbreak to Complete

Congrats, your iOS device is now jailbroken!

Cydia should also be installed on your Home screen. You should be able to launch it and install the jailbreak apps and tweaks. If you don’t see Cydia on the Home screen, then reboot your iOS device and launch Unc0ver Jailbreak and keep trying until it works.

You can also disable Airplane mode and re-enable Siri after your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has been successfully jailbroken.

4. What is a Semi-Untethered Jailbreak?

Unc0ver jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak like Electra Jailbreak, which means that when your device restarts, the jailbreak will be disabled. You cannot use any installed jailbreak tweaks and Cydia will crash when launched. To re-jailbreak, simply open the Unc0ver jailbreak app and perform Step 4 again to jailbreak again. Your device will then go back to the jailbroken state.

5. When Does the Unc0ver Jailbreak App Expire

If you have side loaded the Unc0ver IPA with your regular Apple ID, it will expire after 7 days. So you have to re-install it via Cydia Impactor to extend it for another 7 days. The steps are the same as outlined above. Also note that you need the Unc0ver Jailbreak app only when you want to re-jailbreak your device after rebooting your iOS device, so even if it expires, the jailbreak will remain as is.

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