iOS 13 Concept Envisions Revamped Home Screen, Improved Multitasking Experience, Dark Mode, and More

iOS 13 Concept

iOS 12 is definitely light on features as Apple switched its attention to making the OS more stable and improve its overall performance on older devices. If reports are anything to go by, iOS 13 should bring some major new features to the table including a revamped home screen.

While Apple is not going to drop any hints about iOS 13 just yet, we are obviously free to imagine what the next major version of iOS will look like. Well, that’s what an iOS 13 concept from Jacob Rendina does. Unlike other crazy concepts, his iOS 13 concept envisions some practical changes — a revamped home screen, improved multitasking experience including running two apps side-by-side on the iPhone XS, the ability to lock individual apps, and more.

Some of the oft-requested features like dark mode, Always On Display, and multi-user support are also envisioned in his iOS 13 concept.

Obviously, since this is a concept, it is unlikely that we will see all the changes envisioned in the concept make it to the final release of iOS 13. On the bright side, Apple might even implement some things better than what the creator has envisioned in his iOS 13 concept. Nonetheless, what do you think about this iOS 13 concept? The improved multitasking experience and the Dashboard on the iPad make a lot of sense to me and these are features that I wish Apple end up introducing with iOS 13 for real.

What is your iOS 13 wishlist?