iPhone XR Teardown Reveals Massive Battery, Thick LCD Panel, More

iPhone XR Teardown

iFixit is done with its teardown of the iPhone XR which reveals plenty of information about the device. Interestingly, a peek inside the device reveals it is a hybrid of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, with Apple switching to some older design techniques to reduce overall costs.

Unlike the iPhone X and just like the iPhone 8, the iPhone XR comes with a single-deck logic board and a single-cell battery. The teardown also confirms the off-center Lightning port at the bottom of the iPhone XR is due to the thicker LCD display assembly.

iPhone XR teardown

As for battery capacity, Apple has managed to fit in an 11.16Wh battery (2942mAh) inside the iPhone XR which is definitely big for a device of its class. However, it is slightly lower in capacity than the 3174mAh battery found inside the iPhone XS Max.

iFixit is unclear as to how the iPhone XR has a slightly lower water-resistance capability than the iPhone XS since the amount of protection offered on both devices feels about the same. The iPhone XR also comes with a modular SIM card reader — a first for the lineup. The teardown also confirms the iPhone XR coming with the same more power efficient wireless charging coils as its more expensive iPhone XS siblings.

Overall, the iPhone XR managed a repairability score of 6 out of 10, with iFixit noting that display repairs can be done relatively easy with minimal hardware removal. Plus, Apple has given design priorities to removing the battery and the display first which is always welcome for conducting any kind of repairs.

[Via iFixit]