Portrait Mode on iPhone XR Will Only Work on Humans

When Apple unveiled the iPhone XR, it made quite a big deal about the device offering Portrait mode despite coming with a single 12MP shooter at the rear. The iPhone XR is not going to be the first device to shoot portrait photos with only a single camera at its rear. But the way Apple has implemented this feature, there’s a slight catch.

Portrait mode on the iPhone XR will only work on human beings and not on other non-human objects. This might not bother most consumers whom Apple is targetting with the iPhone XR, but if you are someone who relies heavily on their smartphone’s camera for professional social media photography, this might be a deal breaker.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that portrait mode doesn’t work at all unless you’re pointing the main camera at a person. Which I guess makes sense — this is portrait mode we’re talking about. But you can forget about getting bokeh-filled images of your pets or your dinner. Feel free to try: If you do, the phone will actually tell you it can’t detect a person’s face.

There’s another limitation with Portrait mode on the iPhone XR. Unlike the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and the iPhone XS series, the Portrait Lighting feature on the iPhone XR only offers three effects: Natural, Studio, and Contour, with the Stage and Stage Mono lighting effects missing from the device. The lack of two Portrait lighting effects on the iPhone XR is unlikely to bother most consumers, though the inability to use Portrait mode on anything other than humans might disappoint a lot of users.

Are you bummed that the Portrait mode on iPhone XR only works on humans and not on other objects? Due to think this is an insignificant limitation or is it big enough for you to consider buying the iPhone XS instead?

[Via Engadget]