Snap CEO Talks About Rushed Snapchat Redesign in Leaked Memo

Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel in a 15-page memo sent to employees has set some new goals for the company and admitted to the redesign of the app creating more issues than it solved.

The memo was sent by CEO Spiegel on September 26 where he has set a new goal for the company: to remain profitable for the whole of 2019 and fix all the wrongs of the last year. He even admits that Snapchat “rushed our redesign solving one problem but creating many others.”

By launching our redesign quickly, and separating social from media, we got ahead of the existential crisis faced by many platforms today. We led the way in our industry by curating broadcast content, and separating Friends from professional content creators. Unfortunately, we didn’t give ourselves enough time to continue iterating and testing the redesign with a smaller percentage of our community. As a result, we had to continue our iterations after we launched, causing a lot of frustration for our community.

The biggest mistake with the redesign as per the CEO was compromising on the core aspect of Snapchat — the fastest way to communicate. He admits the algorithmic Friend Feed made it difficult for users to find the people they actually want to talk to and the feed itself was not optimized for fast performance. The move to put Stories from influencers below Stories from real friends was something that was bound to anger influencers but it was something that Snap was ready to accept.

We expected influencers to be upset because we moved their Stories below the ones from our real friends. Influencers went from being at the top of the list on Snapchat to somewhere in the middle. We are willing to accept the trade off for the long-term benefits of putting friends first. Regrettably, we didn’t understand at the time that the biggest problem with our redesign wasn’t the frustration from influencers – it was the frustration from members of our community who felt like it was harder to communicate.

Snapchat is still working on improving the user interface of its Discover tab and add content from new partners to engage more viewers.

You can read the entire memo from Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel over at Cheddar from the source link below. It highlights the company’s goals for 2018 and even talks about the stiff competition from Facebook. Given the extremely stiff competition from Facebook and Instagram and a declining user interest, it is definitely bold of Spiegel to seek profitability for Snap Inc. for the entirety of 2019.

[Via Cheddar]