SoundCloud Go+ Now Offers High Quality Audio Streaming

SoundCloud Go+ now offers high quality streaming

Many of the music streaming services out there offer some kind of incentive to try and sway customers in their direction, and SoundCloud is looking to do the same with its newest feature addition.

It has been over two years since SoundCloud announced its subscription plan, SoundCloud Go. Since then, the music platform has made some important changes. SoundCloud Go is now $4.99 per month and offers a more limited offering in song availability, while SoundCloud Go+ is $9.99 per month, offers more songs to stream, and now high quality audio for good measure. SoundCloud announced the change today, bringing the improved listening experience to the more expensive subscription plan at no additional charge.

“Starting today, SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can select high quality audio streaming. This means that the 30MM+ premium tracks available through your Go+ subscription and all content on SoundCloud uploaded directly by established and emerging artists in lossless formats are now available for high quality streaming. If you’re a Go+ subscriber and ready to elevate your listening, simply opt-in via your SoundCloud settings under “Streaming quality.”

SoundCloud is having Go+ subscribers just opt-in for the higher quality audio, and not charging any extra money per month for the benefit. The new feature is available right now, too, so if you’re already a subscriber then you can quickly and easily make the switch as you see fit.

The music platform says its high quality streaming “is encoded in 256kbps AAC”, which is the “equivalent to an mp3 encoded in 320kbps”. If you want to know more, or want to subscribe to SoundCloud Go+, click through the source link below.

Our Take

High quality audio is an oft-requested feature for most of these streaming platforms, including Apple Music. Right now, even with “High Quality on Cellular” activated within the Apple Music settings, the streaming platform is capped at 256kbps AAC. That’s technically lower than Spotify’s “Extreme” streaming setting, which is 320kbps, but Apple’s is a slightly improved codec. Still, the option for 320kbps streaming on Apple Music would be a welcomed addition.

[via SoundCloud]