Today At Apple Continues to Expand, Adding 60 New Sessions and More

Apple’s event in Brooklyn saw the unveiling of the new MacBook Air with its Retina display, the new 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, and the new Apple Pencil that charges wirelessly. But the company also had a bit to go over in regards to its retail initiative called Today At Apple.

It has been over a year since Apple launched its in-store Today At Apple sessions, which also include more in-depth programs like going on walks near the retail location, or Labs that go into even more detail for Apple customers that want to learn the intricacies of apps, features of their Apple products, or even things like taking photos with the iPhone or drawing on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.

Since its launch 18 months ago, Today At Apple has hosted over 18,000 sessions across the globe. Just recently, in light of a coding initiative in Europe, Apple hosted over 2,000 sessions in that region. Today At Apple also includes local talent sessions, where it brings artists from a local area to come in and talk about their art, their process, and how Apple customers can follow along with their own artistic endeavors.

Apple today announced that on top of what it is already doing, Today At Apple will be adding 60 new sessions to the mix. That will see the already popular video, music, and design sessions expanding in major ways. Video Lab will show off the Clips app, the Photo Lab will show off the power of Portrait Mode. Design Lab will teach architectural principles.

Video Lab in Color and Mood in Final Cut Pro will teach how to use colors to enhance a scene in a movie. Advanced Beat Making will sample audio, design sounds and program different styles and beats.

Tim Cook also added that there are over 70,000 team members working at Apple Retail stores across the globe.