Apple Partners With Studio A24 to Produce Multiple Films

Apple’s efforts with original productions trudges ever forward, and now the company has signed a partnership with one of the most popular production companies out there.

Variety is reporting on Thursday that Apple and the production company A24 have signed a deal that will cover multiple films. Unfortunately, any particular details about those films remains a mystery at this point. The production company has other deals in place, including with Amazon, and those will remain in place for the foreseeable future. And A24 will continue to produce its own slate of films outside of the Apple purview as well.

“Apple is enlisting Oscar-winning indie studio A24 to produce a slate of films for the tech behemoth. The partnership comes as Apple is delving more deeply into making its own shows and movies, having previously signed deals with the likes of Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah Winfrey.

Apple did not provide many specifics about the deal with A24 beyond saying it was a “multiyear agreement” and involved multiple films. It’s unclear if the movies the studio makes will be released in theaters or if they will premiere on some kind of digital platform. Financial terms of the pact were not disclosed.”

A24 has brought a wide range of films to market, including Moonlight, Ex Machina, The Witch, Hereditary, Eighth Grade, and many others.

Whether or not A24’s films for Apple will only be distributed by Apple, or will have theatrical runs, remains unknown right now, too. But this partnership is a big deal for Apple, which is already hard at work on developing its own slate of original content.

We should see the fruition of Apple’s endeavors soon enough. Word on the street is that it’s possible Apple will “give away” its slate of original content to Apple device owners, and that the service will launch in early 2019.

[via Variety]