Apple Releases Updated Version of iCloud for Windows, May Fix Compatibility Issues

iCloud for Windows

Microsoft recently surpassed Apple as the most valuable company in the United States, but it hasn’t been all good news for the company this month.

Last week, Microsoft saw lingering issues with Windows 10 following a major software update to the desktop operating system. The company initially launched the new software, then pulled it for various reasons. When that update was rereleased, however, folks who use iCloud for Windows ran into a compatibility issue, which led the service to not work in the way intended. That led many to stop getting their photo library synced across devices, which is definitely annoying.

The issue was large enough that Microsoft went as far as to prevent Windows 10 users from installing the update altogether. The goal was to release a new version of the app which would fix those issues, and that time has arrived. Apple officially released a new version of iCloud for Windows (version 7.8.1), which is technically available for Windows 7 or later. This should fix those compatibility issues, and photo syncing should be working as intended.

The new software should be available to download and install right now. It’s a free update.

[via Apple]