Apple Investigating Claims of iPhone X Exploding After iOS 12.1 Update

An iPhone X user in Washington claims that his device exploded after being updated to iOS 12.1. The device first emitted grey smoke before bursting up in flames.

The owner Rahel Mohamad claims that the device exploded right after it was updated to iOS 12.1. The iPhone X in question was purchased in early January and was working fine up until it exploded. Mohamad claims that he was charging the device using the official bundled Apple charger and cable bundled during the upgrade process, though at the time of the explosion, the device was not plugged into the charger.

He claims that first dark grey smoke started coming out of the device and after that it caught fire. When Mohamad initially picked up the device after updating it to iOS 12.1, it was very hot and he dropped it immediately. By then, the device was already unplugged from the charger.

“When I held the phone it was very hot and I drop the phone immediately. Then it started to smoke.” he said.

Mohamad has already reached out to Apple regarding this issue. The company has asked him to ship the device for further investigation.

Given that Apple sells millions of iPhones every year, we are likely to hear stories of an iPhone exploding at least once a year. This has less to do with a manufacturing defect on Apple’s part and more to do with the nature of lithium-ion batteries. Apple is extremely strict with its QA and a Galaxy Note 7-like fiasco is unlikely to happen with it.

[Via Gadgets360]