Apple Highlights Reviews for the iPad Pro (2018)

Apple is highlighting review for the new iPad Pro

Apple has taken a liking to promoting its own review roundups for its latest devices (Apple Watch Series 4 here, the iPhone XS/XS Max right here, and of course the iPhone XR), and it has done just that with its newest iPad Pro.

Monday evening, Apple published a quick press release meant to highlight some positive words published today regarding its newest iPad Pro models. Apple promotes the fact that the iPad Pro (2018) is a powerhouse when it comes to specs and features, which it is indeed thanks to the A12X Bionic processor under the hood. But there are also the accessories, including the Smart Keyboard Folio for both the 11- and 12.9-inch models, and the new, second-generation Apple Pencil that can charge wirelessly.

“Reviewers around the world are weighing in on the all-new iPad Pro. From its edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, to the powerful A12X Bionic chip, Face ID, new Smart Keyboard Folio and second-generation Apple Pencil, here are some impressions of iPad Pro from reviewers and the creative community.”

So, here are some of the pull quotes from Apple’s own review round up. You can read our own roundup right here.


“The 12.9-inch iPad Pro…is the most powerful mobile device ever made. The A12X Bionic processor in this slate runs circles around even Core i7-powered laptops on certain tasks, and yet the device weighs just 1.4 pounds.”

Daring Fireball

“The new Apple Pencil is one of the best ‘2.0‘ products I’ve ever seen. The original Apple Pencil is a terrific product, but the new one nears perfection for the concept.”

The Independent

“The new iPad Pro is a huge upgrade from previous models, and is easily Apple’s most accomplished and attractive tablet yet. Its speed and versatility are remarkable, arguably more than many will need, but for creatives especially, it’s going to become the tablet of choice.”


“Apple has produced an iPad that we suspect many pro users will want — and not just because of the increase in screen size or the thinner design. There is so much here that blurs the lines when it comes to working on the go that it will pique the interest of those who have started to question whether they still need a laptop.”

There are others, and you can find them through the source link below. The general consensus is that Apple’s lead in the tablet market is not going anywhere anytime soon, and that the iPad Pro (2018) is just showing off at this point. But, can it replace your laptop? Well, maybe not. But then again, your use case may be quite a bit different than what someone else is looking for.

In addition to the reviews, Apple let some artists get their hands on the new iPad Pro to test out its capabilities. Here are some of the results:

Are you planning on buying the new iPad Pro?

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