Apple No Longer Signing iOS 12.0.1; Downgrading from iOS 12.1 Not Possible Now

After releasing iOS 12.1 on late last month, Apple has stopped signing iOS 12.0.1 thereby making downgrades no longer possible. Given that iOS 12.1 brings a number of new features and bug fixes to the table including Group FaceTime and eSIM support, most users will have little reason to downgrade back to iOS 12.0.1.

However, people on the lookout for a jailbreak are usually recommended to stick to an older release of the OS as the possibility of a jailbreak coming out for it is higher.

If your iPhone or iPad is still running iOS 12.0.1, you might want to be careful about not upgrading it to iOS 12.1 as there would be no way for you to downgrade back to an older release of the OS. So far, we have seen some security researchers demo an untethered iOS 12 jailbreak but nothing has been released to the public. Since these jailbreak exploits sell for millions of dollars, I doubt we are going to see the release of an iOS 12 jailbreak anytime soon.

Are you still running iOS 12 or iOS 12.0.1 on your iPhone or iPad? If so, what’s stopping you from upgrading to iOS 12.1?