Apple’s iPhone Was the Hottest Selling Smartphone for Alibaba’s ‘Singles Day’ in China

Apple's hero store in China

While Black Friday is a huge event in the United States (effectively eroded by the companies trying to sell things days, if not weeks before the actual day), it pales in comparison to “Singles Day” in China, which is hosted by Alibaba.

Last year, for instance, Singles Day raked in a whopping 168.2 billion yuan, or about $25.4 billion in just 24 hours. It’s the biggest day of shopping on the planet, and it’s hosted both online and offline. This year, the grand total for Singles Day is expected to be around $30.8 billion, so people managed to spend even more money this year than last.

Alibaba has put out a list of its most-purchased brands this year, showing off a variety of categories in the process. Typically, Chinese-based smartphone manufacturers, like Huawei or Xiaomi, are at the top of the list for smartphones. However, that is apparently not the case this year. Apple managed to shoot up to the top of the list for 2018, with Huawei coming in second place.

And while Alibaba doesn’t break down into specific numbers, so we don’t know how many more iPhones Apple sold than the competition, we do know that the company was just one of 237 brands that “surpassed 100 million yuan ($14.36 million) in sales during Singles Day”.

Xiaomi did manage to get third place in the smartphone category, and Samsung came in eighth.

Apple sees China as a vitally important market, one that it won’t be abandoning at any point in the future. And with sales this high, one would argue that Apple’s footprint in the region is only going to get bigger.

[via Patently Apple]