Apple, Veterans Affairs in Talks to Provide Access to Electronic Medical Records

iPhone X Plus in portrait mode

Apple has a goal of offering up devices that can help keep track of health data, whether it’s the iPhone or the Apple Watch.

And making sure people have access to that data is important. That’s especially true for veterans, who may run into issues with keeping tabs on their medical records. However, Apple may be working with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to try and alleviate some of the pressure from that issue. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is in talks with Veterans Affairs to provide access to electronic medical records for veterans.

This is a natural extension of what Apple already offers through its Health app. Users can keep tabs on their medical records within this app if they are patients of a participating medical group or hospital. If the deal goes through between Apple and Veterans Affairs, that means Apple would create special software tools that would provide access to the estimated 9 million military veterans in the United States, covered by the VA. Those software tools would make it possible for those veterans to transfer their medical records to their iPhone.

Making it easier to track healthcare is essential, and this effort by Apple and Veterans Affairs should help with that in a big way. As long as the two entities can come to mutual terms, of course. There is no word on an expected close date on that. However, if Apple and Veterans Affairs do reach a deal, one would imagine Apple would make a pretty big announcement.

[via WSJ]