HyperDrive USB-C Hub for the iPad Pro (2018) Adds Headphone Jack and More

Dongle life is either something you’ve accepted or avoided, and if you happen to be in the former camp HyperDrive has a hub just for you and your new iPad Pro.

Hyper, one of the popular third-party accessory makers for Apple devices, has just announced the new HyperDrive USB-C Hub for the 2018 iPad Pro (which is the first to launch with a USB-C port rather than a Lightning port). As the name of the accessory suggests, this connects directly to the USB-C port on the iPad Pro, and then offers a hub for a variety of other options, including the 3.5mm headphone jack that Apple axed from the iPad Pro lineup this year.

The HyperDrive USB-C Hub also adds an HDMI port, an SD and microSD card slot, USB-A port, and a USB-C PD port. When the Hub is connected, it is flush with the iPad Pro’s display, so it won’t be sticking over the side or anything like that. And while owners of the Hub will technically be able to plug in a USB flash drive, Hyper notes that you will need to use a third-party app to actually import and photos and videos from it. iOS still doesn’t support external storage.

The new HyperDrive USB-C Hub launches in December and works with both the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. When it does go live, it will retail for $99.99.

If you plan on picking up the new iPad Pro, even after the initial reviews, is this one accessory you will be picking up?

[via hyper]