How to Manage and Transfer iPhone Photo and Data on PC and Mac with DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager

iTunes can be a pain to deal with sometimes. It’s slow, buggy and usually only focusses on one-way sync – from your Mac to your iPhone. And even then, transferring specific videos and photos isn’t exactly straightforward. This is where DearMob iPhone Manager comes in. Forget iTunes and use this app for seamless and encrypted two-way transfer between your Mac or PC and your iPhone.

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What Is DearMob iPhone Manager?

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager App 3


DearMob iPhone Manager is a fully featured tool that lets you back up and sync photos, videos, music, books, apps, contacts and even messages from your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

Use DearMob’s iPhone photo transfer tool to import, export and transfer iPhone photos and data to different devices.

The amount of control you have over the transfer is what makes DearMob the best iPhone photo manager. You can do a two-way transfer of photos. This means that you can sync photos from WhatsApp or ones that you downloaded on your iPhone to your PC or Mac. And while exporting, the app will automatically convert HEIC photos to JPEG.

You can selectively transfer photos or by album or date. The EXIF metadata like time and geo location is preserved while transferring. The app works with Live Photos as well. After backing up, you can choose to keep both the still photo and the video or you can delete the Live Photo part from photos that you don’t need.

How to Transfer iPhone Photo and Data Using DearMob iPhone Manager

Follow the steps below to learn how to transfer iPhone photos to Mac/PC.

Step 1: Open the DearMob app on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: From the welcome screen, click on Photos.

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager App 1

Step 3: After it’s loaded, you’ll see all your photos on the list. On the left, you’ll find all the albums in the sidebar.

Step 4: Select the photos that you want to export (or use the Select all button to select all photos) and click on the Export button. Select the Export HEIC to JPEG button if needed.

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager App 5

Step 5: Select the destination for the photos. Once exported, the folder will open up where you’ll see both the still photo and the video part of the Live Photo.

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager App 4

How to Transfer Photos from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Once you synced your iPhone photos to Mac or Pc, you can selectively transfer photos from old iPhone to new iPhone by clicking “Add Photo”. In this way you can import the photos which you have exported from old iPhone to new iPhone.

DearMob iPhone Photo Manager App 2

You can also use DearMob to take full encrypted backup of your iPhone (and to restore it later). Open the app and select the Backup option to get started. Using this feature you can easily transfer photos, videos, music and more from your old iPhone to your new iPhone in just one click

The iPhone photo encryption, by the way, is top notch.

DearMob employs multiple aced encryption algorithms from both asymmetric and symmetric cryptography, including 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2 and Argon 2. All your iPhone data is tightly locked down.

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