New MacBook Air Can Have Its Battery Replaced Individually

Replacing the battery in the new MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air makes some important changes for the end user, from including the Retina display and tweaking the repair process as well.

As was first reported on Wednesday from MacRumors, based on documentation from Apple’s internal Service Readiness Guide the publication was able to obtain, Apple is making it easier to replace the battery within the MacBook Air (2018). According to the report, Apple is now making it possible to replace the battery within the new MacBook Air individually, which should streamline the repair process quite a bit, while also improving repairability scores.

The current version of the MacBook and MacBook Pro have the battery glued to the top case, and the repair process would require Apple Genius repair specialists or authorized repair specialists to replace the entire element, including the trackpad and keyboard. Technically, the battery is still glued to the top case in the new MacBook Air, but the changes being made a replacement of the entire top case is no longer necessary.

Apple is reportedly providing tools that will make it possible to remove the battery individually, and then replace it if necessary without having to replace the entire top case. Once the new battery is installed, there’s one additional step:

“Once the new battery is installed, technicians are required to place the notebook in Apple’s existing iPhone display press tool to activate the new adhesive. The glue strips are exactly the same as those used for iPhone batteries.”

A few other key details: The trackpad in the new MacBook Air can also be individually replaced, and replacing the Touch ID key within the new hardware does not also require a logic board replacement. With that latter part, though, the MacBook Air must pass Apple’s diagnostics to complete the repair.

This is good news across the board, even if it is a small change under the hood.

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