Pokémon GO is Adding Trainer Battles

Pokémon GO is adding PvP trainer battles

One of the most oft-requested aspects of the Pokémon universe is finally making its way to the augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon GO.

Niantic, the developer behind the popular AR title, has just announced that it will be adding trainer battles to the game in the near future. The announcement came via a series of tweets published on Friday, teasing the player-versus-player feature. This is something that Niantic has been working on for quite some time.

Trainer battles have always been part of the vision for Pokémon GO. Niantic used the idea as part of the initial pitch for the AR game before it launched in 2015. But while the wait has been long enough already, we don’t yet have a launch date for this particular feature. Niantic, while teasing the upcoming aspect of the game, didn’t go into any specific details for a launch.

This should add yet another avenue to the title to boost player count all over again. Niantic has never gone to sleep on its Pokémon catching game, adding new content on a regular basis. That includes seasonal and holiday events, to huge updates that add new digital pocket monsters to the mix, including 4th Gen monsters from the Sinnoh region. The app will even help you try to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Still, the addition of player-versus-player battles will do quite a bit to revitalize the community, especially if Niantic can build a pleasing rewards system for those battles. Just going head-to-head with someone else is one thing, but if Niantic can make that battle truly worthwhile, this may be a feature that adds even more of a competitive feel to the title (in addition to taking over Gyms) that keeps people coming back, and making new friends along the way.

[via @PokemonGoApp]