Samsung Galaxy S10 With 5G Support to Launch in February, Foldable ‘Galaxy F’ to Launch in March

Samsung will be launching its first foldable smartphone alongside the Galaxy S10 in March after initially unveiling the latter in February. The company will also launch a 5G variant of its next flagship device.

The report says that Samsung will be first unveiling the Galaxy S10 in February at Mobile World Congress 2019 before releasing it to the public in March. Samsung followed the same timeline with its flagship Galaxy S lineup every year so this move won’t be surprising.

Samsung has already demoed its first foldable smartphone to the public at its developer conference earlier this month. The device features a 4.6-inch primary display that can be unfolded to have a 7.4-inch display.

However, the device was heavily masked and Samsung did not really provide any details about the device or its availability. Unlike the Galaxy S10, this foldable smartphone will not support 5G networks.

Samsung has not hinted at the price of its foldable smartphone but analysts expect it to carry a price tag of nearly $1,800. This will greatly limit the reach of the product but given that the foldable smartphone is still considered a prototype by Samsung in many ways, this move will make sense.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to come in three different variants, with the base variant featuring a single camera setup and a flat screen. The other models are expected to sport a 6.3-inch screen, with Samsung focusing on reducing the bezels or giving it the boot altogether. For this, Samsung is considering removing the iris scanner from the device as well. The Galaxy S10 is not expected to adopt a notch display design similar to the iPhone X and iPhone X especially after Samsung ridiculed it in its marketing campaigns last year. The Galaxy S10 will also feature an in-display capacitive fingerprint sensor. It will sport a 7nm chipset from Qualcomm in the US, with European and Asian variants making use of Samsung’s own 7nm Exynos chip.

[Via Yonhap]