Steve Wozniak Believes Steve Jobs Would be ‘Very Happy’ With Apple Today

Steve Wozniak talks Apple, Tesla, and more

When Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, gets in front of a camera it feels like a safe bet that, at some point, Apple’s other co-founder, the late Steve Jobs, is going to be a topic of discussion.

That is definitely the case with The Woz’s latest interview, in this case sitting down to talk about a variety of topics with CNBC. Woz touches on things like Apple itself and the state of the company, Apple’s mobile payment option Apple Pay, driverless cars, and more. You can check out the videos of the interview below.

As far as Jobs is concerned, Woz believes that he would be “very happy” with the current state of Apple, especially with the company’s “concern more with end users and putting people above technology”. Woz believes Apple is still a company that puts the focus on the customer, making sure they are “not be a victim of the technology” they are using. Woz adds that customers should be able to “live your human life in the most human way possible”, and that shouldn’t be negatively impacted by the technology we use on a daily basis.

Woz does take a dig at other smartphone manufacturers out there, including Samsung, in that he does not believe that the “fun features” they put in their devices is actually innovative. He points out the ability for some smartphones to quickly snap a selfie when the owner smiles in front of the front-facing camera, which he says is fun, but not necessarily innovative in a meaningful way.

Looking at Tesla, Woz looked back at a time when Apple may have been interested in acquiring the company, or attempting to at least, back when the company was “making a real statement” for electric vehicles. That was before Tesla exploded in popularity, along with electric cars in general. But, of course, we all know Apple didn’t go through with that idea.

What about driverless cars? We recently reported that Waymo is expanding its driverless vehicle program to include a ride-hailing service, competing with the likes of Lyft. Woz doesn’t believe in the idea just yet, saying that he doesn’t “really believe it’s quite possible yet”.

Check out the videos below to hear Woz speak on the topics above and more.