Apple Confirms Some 2018 iPad Pro Units Can Ship With a Slight Bend, Says Everything’s Fine

Everything is fine if you have a brand new 2018 iPad Pro, whether in the 11- or 12.9-inch variant, and you notice it has a slight bend in the frame.

At least, that’s what Apple will tell you. The Verge is reporting on Wednesday that the company has confirmed with the publication that some 2018 iPad Pro models will indeed ship slightly bent thanks to the design of the tablets. However, just because your almost-$1,000 tablet (with the base model, +$1,000 if you get more storage and want LTE) is slightly bent right out of the box doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. Apparently.

Apple says that the bend in the frame is due to the cooling process involving the iPad Pro’s metal and plastic components. And while some customers have complained that their new iPad Pro model has bent after some period of time and usage, others have said that their devices were bent right out of the box. Now, Apple is saying that is indeed possible.

And it looks like the LTE-equipped model, which is even more expensive than the standard iPad Pro without cellular connectivity, is even more prone to the issue (non-issue):

“It’s an issue that seems to be more pronounced on the LTE model, as there’s a plastic strip that breaks up the iPad’s flat aluminum sides; it’s where the antenna line divides two sections of metal that some users have noticed a bend. Apple did not say the perceived flaw is strictly limited to the cellular iPad Pro, however, and some buyers of the Wi-Fi model also claim to have encountered it.”

At this point, though, despite this revelation, Apple is still standing by the product build of the 2018 iPad Pro. Apparently it’s simply just trying to get ahead of whatever this might turn into and confirming that, yes, the iPad Pro can bend, and, yes, the new, expensive tablet may be bent right out of the box.

That’s an interesting way to close out 2018. If you want to watch the stress test with the 2018 iPad Pro again, where it ends with the tablet bending like a piece of paper, you can check that out below.

Is this as big an issue as #bendgate from the iPhone 6 Plus days? Honestly, it doesn’t feel like it, mostly because this issue went pretty dark after the initial claims cropped up. But, even if it isn’t gaining as much traction as that initial maelstrom of ridiculousness all those years ago, it doesn’t some how reduce the impact it has on customers and potential customers.

And Apple probably isn’t exaggerating here, or trying to cover something up. This is probably not a defect and is indeed a result of the manufacturing process. But are we really at a point where we’re okay with this, just because it’s part of the manufacturing process? I don’t want my expensive device to bend, ever, and I certainly don’t want my device to be bent right out of the box.

What do you think of all this?

[via The Verge]