Apple Now Aggressively Promoting iPhone XS and iPhone XR Trade-in Programs in-store

After highlighting the iPhone XR and iPhone XS trade-in program on its website, sending out push notifications to existing Apple Upgrade Program owners to upgrade to the iPhone XR, and even featuring the iPhone XR in an App Store editorial, Apple now has started promoting the iPhone XR and iPhone XS at its discounted trade-in program in its retail stores as well.

Apple has been using its Genius Bar Displays, Apple TV displays, and even Today at Apple FOrum Displays in key stores across the United States to promote the iPhone XR and iPhone XS trade-in deals. The in-store marketing campaign started last Wednesday.

While Apple has previously used its in-store Macs for marketing purposes, this is the first time that it has gone to such an extent to highlight one of its marketing campaigns. This rare move from Apple might help it sell a bit more iPhone this holiday season but it also shows just how desperate the company is to sell iPhones now. It also dilutes the whole in-store experience of the Apple Store where Apple holds its Today at Apple sessions.

Our Take

Apple has become increasingly aggressive in recent weeks in promoting its 2018 iPhone lineup. After first offering additional trade-in credit towards an iPhone XR and iPhone XS, Apple has gone ahead and promoted the discounted trade-in prices of these handsets across every channel possible — its website, social media, App Store, and more. Apple has never aggressively promoted its iPhones in such a way and the company’s desperate measures clearly show that its newest iPhones are not selling as well as it had hoped for.

Maybe Apple should just try lowering the prices of its 2018 iPhone lineup to sell more units instead of aggressively promoting them in such a way.

[Via 9to5Mac]