Apple Estimated to Have Shipped 4.2 Million Apple Watch Units in Q3 2018

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IDC predicts that the global wearable shipments reached 32 million units in Q3, 2018, up by a staggering 21.7 percent from last year. The growth was fueled by heavy demand in Asia Pacific countries which made up for more than half of the total shipments. Xiaomi was the market leader in the wearable market thanks to its relatively cheap fitness tracker, the Mi Band 3.

The tracker even better than its previous iterations as Xiaomi managed to expand its availability to markets like India, Europe, and Africa.

While Apple remains the leader in technological hardware, it came in second. Despite the Apple Watch Series 4 coming with features like ECG and an edge-to-edge display, it accounted for less than 20 percent of total wearable shipments by Apple. Instead, it was the Apple Watch Series 3 that accounted for the bulk of the shipments thanks to its lower price and relatively excellent performance. Nonetheless, in total, Apple shipped 4.2 million Apple Watch units in Q3, 2018 and grabbed 13.1 percent of the market share. In comparison, it had shipped 2.7 million units in Q3, 2017. This marks a 54 percent improvement YoY.

Fitbit also managed to do relatively well and shipped 3.5 million wearables in the same quarter. The company has managed to slow down the downward trend that it was stuck in over the last few quarters with the launch of the Fitbit Charge 3 and the success of the Versa. Huawei and Samsung came in fourth and fifth with 1.9 million and 1.8 million shipments, respectively.

Our Take

It is not surprising that the Apple Watch Series 3 constituted the bulk of the wearable shipments from Apple. With a starting price tag of $399, the Apple Watch Series 4 is extremely expensive. And when one compares it to the discounted Apple Watch Series 3, it even looks less tempting. Apple is also yet to activate the ECG feature of Apple Watch Series 4 despite the wearable being up for sale for months now. Otherwise, this feature might have tempted some customers to upgrade to it instead of going with Apple Watch Series 3.

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