Apple Picks Up Limited Series from J.J. Abrams Starring Jennifer Garner

Apple has another series on the way, this time a limited option which will be coming from executive producer J.J. Abrams.

This limited-run series will be titled My Glory Was I Had Such Friends, based on the memoir released in 2017 by Amy Silverstein. The series will focus on Silverstein, along with the group of women who supported her, as she waited for a second heart transplant. Karen Croner will be writing the series, as well as serving as another executive producer.

The new series will star Jennifer Garner as Amy Silverstein. This project will serve as a means to reunite Abrams with Garner in an official capacity of this nature, following the pair’s work on the series Alias, which Abrams brought to life with Garner in the lead role.

As is par for the course, there is very little additional information to go on at this point. We don’t know when Apple plans on launching this particular limited series, despite offering a straight-to-series boost to get it up and running. Rumor has it that Apple’s streaming service will launch in the first part of 2019, but it’s likely this project, along with projects from the partnership with production studio A24, won’t be available until well after that.

[via Variety]