Apple Lawyer Says No Possibility of Settlement with Qualcomm

iPhone Xs Max front

While Qualcomm’s CEO might be optimistic about reaching a settlement with Apple and working with the company again, Apple’s legal team has made it clear that a settlement is not on the cards.

Apple attorney William Isaacson confirmed that the parties are going to need a trial and dismissed reports of Apple and Qualcomm being close to a settlement or even talking to each other about a possible settlement.

“The parties are going to need a trial,” said Isaacson. “There have been unfortunate articles lately that the parties are close to a settlement, and that is not true. There haven’t been talks in months.”

Apple argues that Qualcomm gets paid twice for its patents, once by licensing its patent portfolio and second time around when it sells its modem chips.

Apple and Qualcomm have been engaged in a legal tussle since early 2017. Apple first filed a complained against Qualcomm for its unfair business practices. The latter initially denied all the allegations before going ahead and countersuing Apple. Since then, matters between the two companies have only gotten worse, with Qualcomm claiming that Apple owes it upwards of $7 billion in royalty payments. Qualcomm has even accused Apple of giving its confidential source code to Intel to help the latter in developing its own modem.

The legal battle has also seen Apple switch completely to Intel modem for its 2018 iPhones.

Our Take

Given how serious this battle has gone, it is unlikely that we will see an out of court settlement between Apple and Qualcomm. The former seems set on ensuring that Qualcomm stops overcharging for its IP (Intellectual Property) once and for all, while Qualcomm is going to do anything to protect it.

[Via San Diego Union Tribune]