Apple Looking to Boost iPhone Sales With Attractive Trade-In Programs

In a bid to boost iPhone sales, Apple has decided to run attractive marketing schemes which include offering hefty trade-in discounts to customers. The company even moved some of its marketing executives in October from other projects to work on marketing strategies to improve iPhone sales.

As per Bloomberg’s sources, this was a “fire drill” on Apple’s part. Over the last few weeks, we have seen Apple unveil new marketing offers for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. The company is offering additional trade-in credit of up to $300 towards the purchase of an iPhone XS or iPhone XR. It also launched a dedicated store for veterans and active military where it is offering them discounts of up to 10 percent on iPhones, Mac, iPads, and more.

Apple is heavily advertising the trade-in credit offer on its homepage where it highlights that one can get the iPhone XR from $449 provided they trade-in an iPhone 7 Plus or higher. Apple employees have also been told to highlight the new trade-in program to in-store customers. In Japan, wireless carriers reduced the price of the iPhone XR by around $100 using subsidies to spur sales as it was lagging when compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone XR Credit

It is clear that despite Apple’s marketing head Greg Joswiak claiming that iPhone XR has been the company’s most popular smartphone since its release, iPhone sales have not been up to the mark. In the last few years, Apple has had to rarely offer any kind of additional trade-in credit to attract customers. However, with increasing iPhone prices and the smartphone upgrade cycle increasing, Apple is facing the harsh reality of iPhone sales slowing down significantly. This is perhaps why the company decided that it will no longer be revealing iPhone sales in the future.

These marketing tactics might help Apple boost iPhone sales for the holiday season but after that, the company is likely going to struggle to keep the momentum going.

[Via Bloomberg]