Amazon Says Apple Music is Coming to Other Alexa-Enabled Smart Speakers in the Future

Back in November, Amazon and Apple confirmed that Apple Music was making its big debut on Alexa-enabled speakers, the ones sold directly from Amazon with that Echo branding.

And, sure enough, that holiday season launch window was met with gusto, as Apple Music officially rolled out to Echo-branded, Alexa-enabled smart speakers earlier this month. (Click here if you want a quick rundown of how to get it all working.) And while that’s great news for Apple and Amazon, what about the other Alexa-enabled speakers out there that don’t have Echo branding on them?

Well, up to this point Amazon and Apple have been quiet on that subject, but we have an answer now. Raymond Wong of Mashable tweeted out earlier today that Amazon confirmed to him Apple Music will launch on non-Echo smart speakers with Alexa on board at some point in the future. Eventually. Do we know when? We don’t! Wong says “hopefully soon”, so that’s all we have to work with right now:

This is all good news for Apple, because Apple Music is that service that should be on as many different platforms and devices as possible. It’s already on Android, so why not make it available across smart speaker families? If more people can listen to Apple Music in more places, that’s even more reasons to sign up. Spotify is everywhere and Apple should want Apple Music everywhere, too.

(Let’s also open up the HomePod to better integrate with other streaming services, say, Spotify? Because it’s a great speaker and it shouldn’t be held back by just one music streaming service.)

This means a lot of people out there can have a lot of different, less expensive smart speakers in their house (compared to the HomePod) and have Apple Music blaring through their house. But we don’t know when that is actually going to arrive, but at least it’s coming, right?

[via @raywongy]