DxOMark: iPhone XR Is the Best Single Camera Smartphone out There

iPhone XR Rear Panel

After heavily praising the iPhone XS dual-camera setup, DxOMark has put the single camera of the iPhone XR through its barrage of tests and crowned it as the ultimate winner. With a score of 103 points in Photos, the iPhone XR managed to beat the Pixel 2 to become the best single-camera smartphone in DxOMark’s testing.

DxOMark notes that the key imaging attributes of the iPhone XR are very similar to the iPhone XS Max in terms of exposure, color, detail, noise, and artifacts. It does lose out in terms of zoom and bokeh shots due to the lack of a secondary sensor though.

Colors are also vivid and pleasant in most test conditions; and although the iPhone XR tends to veer towards a slightly cool white balance in outdoor pictures, with warmer tones recorded indoors, it certainly avoids any nasty or offensive color casts. Autofocus is excellent, with fast response times ensuring that you can capture an image almost instantaneously; further, there are no focus stability issues, so pictures are always in focus.

Interestingly, DxOMark notes that the iPhone XR manages to eke out a bit more detail in low-light scenarios when compared to the iPhone XS and Pixel 2. Even the flash performance of the iPhone XR is better than the iPhone XS Max. Overall, DxOMark highlights the excellent dynamic range, details, and accurate autofocus performance of the iPhone XR. It is not a perfect camera though, with the blur gradient in Portrait mode not being realistic enough and lack of details in zoom shots.

In video recording, the iPhone XR got a score of 96 points. DxOMark praised its wide dynamic range, bold and vivid colors under indoor and outdoor lighting, and excellent video stabilization.

Nonetheless, the iPhone XR beating the Pixel 2 in DxOMark’s testing speaks volumes about just how good the former’s single camera set up is.

[Via DxOMark]