Google Lens Comes to Google’s Search App for iOS

Google has started rolling out Google Lens to its Google app for iOS. The visual search app has been available on most Android devices since March and has received some major updates over the months. Post updating to the latest version of Google for iOS, users will see a lens icon right in the search bar beside the voice search icon.

Tapping the lens button will lead to a viewfinder being opened which one can then point towards any object or text for analysis purposes. You will have to tap the object you’d want Google Lens to analyze though. Unlike other visual search services, one does not need to click a picture for Google Lens. Simply pointing the camera to the object and tapping on it is going to be good enough.

You will get a prompt in between asking you to accept the terms and conditions of using Google Lens after which you will also be shown the capabilities of Google Lens like copying automatically from phone numbers, dates, addresses, being able to identify animals, plants, search for books, video games, and more.

Google Lens was already available inside the Google Photos app in iOS but with this update, the company is making Lens far more accessible and easier to reach. Additionally, Google Lens will now support languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Korean and feature new ways to search images.