Google Maps for iOS Adds For You Personalized Tab

Google introduced a new tab within its Maps app on Android not too long ago, billed as a dedicated section to show you updates from the stores and locations you like.

At the time, Google’s expectation for an iOS launch was just sometime in the future. Well, that time has arrived as Google officially announces that the For You tab is now available on Apple’s devices. In addition to that, Google also confirmed that the feature is available in over 40 countries as it debuts on iOS. And for Android, the For You tab is expanding to over 130 new countries.

As for the new tab, it’s meant to serve as a constant feed of what’s going on with the places you like. The new tab will also offer up recommendations for things and places you should try out. The For You tab will change depending on your location, so you’ll see new recommendations whether you’re in your own neighborhood or if you’re visiting a new spot on vacation.

If you needed a bit of a social media boost in your Maps app, well, Google has you covered. And now it’s available on iOS. Google says the new feature is beginning to roll out today, but this is a standard update so it may take some time before you see it available in Google Maps.

Is this a feature you’d like? I imagine this would be pretty excellent in a big city, where things can change quite a bit. For small town folks, though, where things might move at a much slower pace, this feels like a tab that won’t be updating all that often.

[via Google]