Instagram Adds Voice Messages to Direct Messages

Instagram adds voice message to Direct

Have you ever sent a direct message, or Direct, in Instagram with the standard text and found yourself wishing you could send a voice message instead?

Well, your wish is now granted as the Facebook-owned Instagram has confirmed that it is adding voice message support to Direct. This will allow users to quickly send an audio clip, up to one minute in length, to someone else. It is also supported in group Directs, too. The new feature is rolling out now for both iOS and Android users, so you should be able to see it arrive at some point in the day, if not very soon.

It’s pretty simple in function: Just hold down the microphone button to record your message. But be aware that as soon as you let go of that button, the message will automatically send. However, if you feel like you need to change something, or just scrap the message altogether, you’ll need to slide your finger over to the trashcan icon to start over. Just don’t actually send the message by letting go.

On other platforms, like WeChat, voice messages are apparently starting to become the norm. That certainly makes sense for Instagram to follow suit, then, especially considering Facebook Messenger has supported voice messages for a long while now.

Are you happy about this specific addition to Instagram Direct? Or will you stay away from voice messages and rely on text for the majority of your conversations?

[via @Instagram]