Intel Unveils the ‘Sunny Cove’ Processors, Meant to Boost Performance in 2019

Intel is back at it again, with the company announcing another processor for future computers coming down the line.

The company has officially announced its next-generation processor, what it’s calling “Sunny Cove”. Intel says this microarchitecture design is meant to boost performance and power efficiency. The Sunny Cove is built on the 10nm process, and it will be the architecture that the company’s next-gen Core and Xeon processors will be based upon. Those are set to launch sometime later next year, but no definitive dates were provided just yet.

Details are remarkably light at the moment, as Intel is simply unveiling the name and bare minimum in regards to specs for the Sunny Cove processors. It’s likely that when these processors end up out in the market, Intel will be calling them Ice Lake processors. They will also be paired with the Gen11 integrated graphics, which Intel says is double the performance of Gen9 integrated graphics.

The new Gen11 graphics will support 4K video streaming and much more.

Apple may come in in late-2019, depending on its own upgrade process for iMacs and MacBooks. Or we might not see an upgrade to Ice Lake later next year, either. Looking beyond that, though, there are plenty of rumors that Apple is going to switch to an ARM-based processor soon, which could see the light of day as early as 2020.

We will have to wait and see how this all pans out. It would be nice to see another upgrade for the Mac lineup before the company switches to an ARM-based design, if for no other reason that 2020 is a ways away and the Mac lineup doesn’t need another period where it languishes in the background, waiting for an upgrade.

[via Intel]