Apple Seeds New iOS 12.1.3 Beta to Developers

iOS 12 unveiled

Following the public launch of iOS 12.1.2, Apple is moving forward with the next software update to its popular mobile operating system.

Apple today officially seeded a new developer beta of iOS 12.1.3. Apple actually has it marked as the second beta, even though it’s the first for this particular build. Still, this is more than likely a minor update, aimed to fix any lingering issues since the public launch of iOS 12.1 earlier this year, and especially in light of the recent launch of iOS 12.1.2. This software will more than likely not include any major new additions to the features list, but will focus more on behind-the-scenes tweaks and improvements.

iOS 12.1.2, which was released recently, was another minor software update. However, it did include fixes for eSIM activations and cellular connectivity in Turkey. It has also been confirmed that iOS 12.1.2 in China now includes a new animation for force closing apps on an iPhone, which Apple included in an effort to address Qualcomm-owned patents in China.

Due to the speed in which Apple needed to release iOS 12.1.2, to address the import ban on some iPhone models, this iOS 12.1.3 software is more than likely what Apple originally planned to launch as iOS 12.1.2, but the different version number reflects the changes Apple had to make. This would make sense, considering Apple’s marking this as a second beta, even though it’s the first time we’re seeing this particular version number.

The new developer beta is available now for registered developers.