Lawsuit Alleges iPhone 8 Plus Comes with Higher-Quality Display Than iPhone X

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A new lawsuit has been filed against Apple for misleading consumers about the screen size of the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. The suit has been filed in the US District Court of Northern California, with the plaintiffs alleging that Apple’s “all screen” marketing about the iPhone X display is false and misleading.

While Apple says the iPhone X comes with a 5.8-inch display, it takes into account the rounded corners and the notch area as well. Without taking these areas into account, the iPhone X has a 5.6875-inch display as measured by the plaintiffs.

Additionally, they also claim the iPhone X and iPhone XS come with a lower resolution screen than advertised by Apple. The latter says the iPhone X and XS feature a 2436 x 1125  resolution display but that’s not accurate since the sub-pixel arrangement is not equivalent of a red, green, and blue pixel as in traditional LCD panels. Like all other OLED panels, the iPhone X’s OLED panel also has a diamond sub-pixel arrangement, with the blue sub-pixel being the biggest in size and green being the smallest. This is done to make up for the inherent inefficiencies of an OLED panel.

The two plaintiffs Davis and Sponchiado also argue that the iPhone 8 Plus comes with a higher-quality screen because it has higher subpixels than the iPhone X and it does not feature any notch or rounded corners. Anyone who has used the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X side-by-side clearly knows that in terms of quality at least, the iPhone X’s OLED panel is far better than any LCD panel on the market. While Apple is known to use high-quality LCD panels, they are simply not as good as OLED panels in terms of brightness, contrast, and color reproduction.

The lawsuit seems to have been filed without any basic understanding of the OLED technology and the fact that Apple mentions in the specs page of the iPhone X and iPhone XS that the actual viewing area might be less than what it mentions.

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