Microsoft is Bringing its Edge Web Browser to Mac

Chromium Microsoft Edge

It has been a very long time since Microsoft launched an official browser for the Mac (over 15 years!), and here we are in 2018 and looking ahead to a bright, Microsoft Edge future.

As was reported on Thursday by TechCrunch, Microsoft has confirmed it is making some important changes to its web browser, Edge, and that these changes will facilitate a lot of things — like bringing it to the Mac. Edge, Microsoft’s newest browser, arrived with Windows 10 and it’s only available on Windows machines. But that will be changing in 2019.

Microsoft is moving Edge to the Chromium platform, which is open-sourced. And if that name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same platform that Google’s Chrome is built upon.

Microsoft has also confirmed it will be breaking Edge apart from the standard Windows update path, which means Edge will be able to get updates a lot faster and in a more streamlined fashion, as it won’t rely on getting an update to the entire Windows platform. And for folks out there still using Windows 7 and Windows 8, Edge will be made available to you very soon, too.

At the time of publication, there is no timeframe for when Edge will launch on Macs, and Microsoft isn’t launching a beta or anything like that anytime soon. The current schedule is for a release sometime in 2019, but don’t start holding your breath for a public launch just yet.

I’ve used Edge a few times and while it seemed . . . fine, I still went back to Chrome more often than not. But, maybe the switch to Chromium and the launch on Mac can revitalize the browser.

What do you think?

[via TechCrunch]