Netflix Removed iTunes Billing for New Customers

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Current Netflix subscribers can have their monthly subscription billed through iTunes if they want, which can make consolidating monthly bills a bit easier.

But, as was first revealed on Friday by VentureBeat, that is no longer the case for new subscribers. The report indicates that Netflix removed the feature for new customers sometime within the last month. No exact date was provided, though. So if you’ve recently tried to set up a recurring billing method through iTunes for Netflix and weren’t able to, now you know why.

““We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members,” a Netflix spokesperson told VentureBeat. Existing members, however, can continue to use iTunes as a method of payment, the spokesperson added.

The company did not share exactly when it rolled out the change globally, but a support representative VentureBeat spoke with pegged the timeframe as late last month. Additionally, the support rep added that customers who are rejoining Netflix using an iOS device, after having canceled payment for at least one month, also won’t be able to use iTunes billing.”

And while this is meant specifically for new customers, it does also impact returning customers. If you try to sign up for Netflix within the iOS app after you’ve had the subscription service canceled for a month or longer, you will no longer be able to set up recurring payments through iTunes either.

What do you think of Netflix’s new change?

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