Pandora’s Podcast Genome Project Officially Launches with Over 100,000 Episodes

When Pandora announced back in November that it was introducing a new Podcast Genome Project to the mix, which would welcome podcasts to its streaming platform, it opened its doors in a limited beta.

But Pandora always expected the feature to arrive for the public before the end of 2018, and, sure enough, the company has managed to reach that milestone. Pandora announced that podcasts are now widely available to its userbase, with or without being part of the limited beta. The company says there are over 100,000 episodes already available from over 100 different shows. That includes genres like comedy, true crime, sports, technology, and many others.

The Podcast Genome Project works in a similar way as Pandora’s Music project, and the company has been working on it for over a year now. It’s designed to help you find that next great show to binge, using your listening history, your preferences, and more to help find that next show:

“Similar to how its namesake the Music Genome Project helped Pandora become the best and easiest way to discover music online since 2005, the Podcast Genome Project will recommend the right podcasts to you at the right time. It evaluates content based on a variety of attributes spanning content categories, as well as your signals including thumbs, skips, collects, and plays. Our system learns your preferences using natural language processing, collaborative filtering, and other machine learning approaches. And, similar to the Music Genome Project, the Podcast Genome Project combines these techniques with the expertise of our in-house Curation team to offer personalized recommendations down to the episode level that reflect who you are today and evolve with you tomorrow.”

Pandora users will quickly notice that the platform will be serving up recommendations just about everywhere. That includes within search. Pandora will basically be serving up a constant stream of new content to peruse.

Podcasts are now available on Pandora, so if you’ve been waiting for the public launch, it’s finally here.

[via Pandora]