Qualcomm Sees a Resolution With Apple Coming Soon ‘One Way or Another’

While Apple has continued to play hardball with Qualcomm, ever since the pair of companies started their lengthy legal battles, Qualcomm has, for whatever reason, always seen a potential resolution right around the corner.

While Qualcomm’s President, Cristiano Amon, still sees a resolution as a forthcoming inevitability, it feels more like the company has downgraded things in the hope category. Amon recently spoke with Yahoo! Finance and said that a finality to the legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple is indeed coming, and that a resolution will be met “one way or another”.

“We feel like we are probably near the end of this game — we have a lot of legal milestones approaching,” Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon Told Yahoo Finance. “We see 2019 as having events that will drive resolution one way or another.”

We recently reported that Apple’s lawyer had weighed in on the subject and said that there is “no possibility of a settlement” coming down the pipe. Before that statement though, Qualcomm’s CEO genuinely believed that a resolution between the two companies was “right on the doorstep”. The two companies haven’t been on the same page for quite some time, both in business dealings and legalities, so maybe it makes sense that they wouldn’t be on the same page here about a potential end to their legal battles.

Looking ahead, the two companies are scheduled to go to trial on April 15, 2019. That will probably be a catalyst that reignites plenty of hard talk from both companies, and just one more mark in the calendar for what will probably be a very lengthy battle between these two juggernauts of the market.

[via Yahoo! Finance]