Snapchat’s new ‘Lens Challenges’ Offer up Themed Competitions

Challenges are pretty common on social networks, so it’s honestly a bit surprising that it has taken Snapchat this long to jump on the bandwagon.

Snapchat has officially launched what it calls “Lens Challenges” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. The social network will feature a specific Snapchat Lens for a short period of time for each individual challenge, which will apparently be themed. Like the first challenge, which launches today, is all about the holiday season. You will need to sing along to Jingle Bells as performed by Gwen Stefani.

To get it to work, you will need to open up the Lens Carousel, and then tap the smiley icon to launch Lens Explorer. You will see the new challenge for Jingle Bells there, so go ahead and tap on that and you’ll kick off the challenge. You can record as many takes as you want, with the appropriate Lens, and then send it in to the Gwen Stefani Challenge Story.

Social challenges like this are pretty big, especially on platforms like YouTube and TikTok. In fact, most of the challenges that gain plenty of attention end up on YouTube one way or another eventually, usually to get shown off to the world. Instagram has had challenges for a while, too, which makes the wait on Snapchat’s part even more curious.

Better late than never, right? Who of you out there still uses Snapchat, and plans on taking advantage of these themed challenges?

[via The Verge]